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S26 Naish Galaxy Windsurf Board

Simplify your light-wind life. Go windsurfing or go windsurf foiling. The Galaxy excels with a fin or foil.

S26 Naish Assault Custom Thruster Windsurf Board

A new shape for 2022, with planing power that doesn't compromise maneuverability. Ricardo Campello's onshore wave board of choice.

S26 Naish Assault Custom Quad Windsurf Board

New for 2022, straight from Ricardo Campello's quiver.

Naish S25 Assault Windsurfing Board 2021

Combines early planing with the turning ability of a pure wave board. The Assault shapes are easy to ride and feature

Naish S27 Triad Kiteboarding Kite

TRIAD “The Triad is the all-purpose kite in the Naish lineup that is geared to be super reliable and user-friendly

S26 Naish Starship Windsurf Board

Fast and friendly. One of our most welcoming free-ride boards, and especially so for those transitioning off of older (long, narrow) shapes.

Naish Starship Windsurfing Board S25 2021

The ultimate non-widebody free-ride board. Blistering speed potential, planes early and jibes on demand. Whether it’s cranking duck jibes and