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2022 GoFoil GT Front Wings

GoFoil GT2200 Front Wing The “GT” stands for “Go To.” The GoFoil GT Series is a dramatically responsive, controlled and

2022 GoFoil EZ Front Foil Wings

EZ Series As the name implies, this line is easy to ride, making this foil ideal for quickly improving your skill

Go Foil 40″ Plate Mast

Dimensions: Mast Length: 40″/102cm Mast Thickness: 055”/14mm Chord Length: 5.39”/137mm Included: 4 washers—must be used to honor warranty 4 M8x1x30mm

Go Foil PNL 185 Front Wing

Superior gliding ability with ease. This design allows you to glide effortlessly for long distances. Great for connecting waves on

Go Foil Ride Wing Foil Board

Ride 4’6″ Features: EPS core with full sandwich construction, built for strength. Innegra wraps the deck for added protection against

Go Foil 40in Tuttle Mast

A unique length that when combined with the plate adapter gets you up to 42.5”.

Go Foil Pedestal 9.5″

Go Foil Pedestal.   Necessary with 18W and 18N tail foils   Go Foil How To Videos Making Noisy wings quiet

Go Foil Flip Tip Tail Wing

  These tail wings offer speed with great turning capabilities. The flip tip offers grip as you carve through your

Go Foil NL Series Front Wing

GoFoil NL Series Front wing Part of the new High-Aspect series, the NL or Next Level is built for high