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Fanatic Skate 100 Liter USED 2017 Freestyle Board

"B" condition. This board has a few patched dings, but is as lightweight as the day it was born. An awesome planing machine for freestylers, or any rider looking to ride a smaller sail in light winds. Ships by quote.

TEAM Fanatic Sky Style 5’1 Used Wing Board (Nick’s)

"B" condition. This 5'1", 85-liter wing board is lightweight, rises onto the foil easily, and is surprisingly stable for its size. Our shipping manager shed tears parting with it. A staff favorite. Ships by quote. 

C Fanatic Stingray LTD 110 Used Windsurf Foil Board W/Bag 2020

"B-" condition. This 110 has cosmetic paint chips, but is solid otherwise, and includes a nose pad, four Fanatic foot straps and a board bag. A great first foil board for lightweights, and athletic riders. Ships by quote. 

Fanatic Sky Style TE Wing Board


Versatile, friendly, and responsive. The Sky Style TE Wing Board encourages progress in the air, surf and everything in between. A Big Winds' staff favorite!

Fanatic Sky Free TE Wing Foil Board

Stability, early rising and easy flying. The Sky Free TE fast tracks wing foiling progression and lowers wind minimums. Lightweight and bomber built. A board for now, and next!

C Fanatic Stubby 82 Used Windsurfing Board

"B+" condition. Not much evidence of use. A few cosmetic scuffs on the nose, but that's it. Ships by quote. 

Fanatic Fly Composite SUP 2022

All round performance for families, flat water, small waves and even windsurfing. Now on sale!

Fanatic Flow Foil 3.0 Windsurfing Foil 2022

Stiff, responsive, high-performance complete windsurf foil that's ideal for now, next and crossover winging fun!