ONE SUP EVO 2.0 RACE/TOUR SUP-Stand Up Paddle Boarding-Big Winds
ONE SUP EVO 2.0 RACE/TOUR SUP-Stand Up Paddle Boarding-Big Winds
ONE SUP EVO 2.0 RACE/TOUR SUP-Stand Up Paddle Boarding-Big Winds


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Introducing the EVO 2.0 the Ultimate ALL ROUND RACE BOARD

Like the Storm 2.0 the EVO 2.0 has been the work of 2 years of testing working of getting some of the smaller points right. The EVO has under gone probably the biggest changes and now has moved into a true spot in the ONE board line up that really gives it a point of difference. With the EVO 2.0 we have made it into a true flat deck downwind board that still can hold its own in the flat water but just has a super lively feel as soon as the small bumps come into play.

Custom widths are also available if needed as well. Custom colours are available on all pre-orders.

One of the biggest changes that you will see with the EVO 2.0 is that it is now available in the same Molded constructions as the Edge 2.0 Hybrid, Dynamic & Elite. This a big move but we believe this new EVO 2.0 will beat all expectations but now you can add the amazing level of Molded construction too.

New bottom shape, learning from the Storm the EVO 2.0 has a very similar double concave throughout the bottom that runs to a rounded pin tail. We have kept the outline a little wider into the tail to allow good kick turning and to make sure the boards feel stable as you step back on the waves or larger bumps. The EVO 2.0 also picks up a great ability to be able to be steered from the middle of the board quite easy allow the rider to not have to move as much as they might normally need to on the old EVO

Rocker has been fully reworked on the EVO 2.0 with more nose and tail rocker all this without losing any flat water speed.

Overall the EVO has now moved to a board that will love the ocean or any bumpy water, the board has a bit more lively feel to it that will make it a great board for anyone who wants to have that one board quiver. It will make a excellent BOP board or for those that just do not like the Dugout designs.


14' X 24" - 292 LITER

14’ x 26” - 317 LITER

14’ x 28” - 341 LITER

12'6" X 24 - 246 LITER

12'6" X 26 - 266 LITER



HYBRID: This Is Our Base Construction And Comes In At A Amazing Price Point, This Molded PVC/WOOD Sandwich Offers Amazing Strength And Those Wanting To Get In To Racing On A Budget Or Just A Great Construction For Touring Then This Might Be The Perfect Start.

Dynamic: If There Was The Perfect Blend Of Weight To Strength To Price Ratio Then This Could Well Be The Winner. Full Molded PVC Sandwich Board Offers A Amazing Light Weight That Has A Super Responsive Feel When You Really Put The Power Down, The EDGE 2.0 In Dynamic Is Something That Could Take You To The Top.

ELITE: When Only The Best Will Do! This Is The Ducks Nuts In Top End Constructions Giving You The Lightest And Strongest Board Possible. This Fully Molded Full PVC Full Carbon Board Is What Dreams Are Made Of And If This Is The Board You Choose Then You Will Be The One Winning Before You Even Step On The Board.

Nose out line is fuller giving the EVO 2.0 a great feel that is very similar to the STORM 2.0 and allows it to ride over bumps rather than cutting into them.


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