North Sails 2017 Hero

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The most universal 4-batten wave sail, a true World Cup weapon to work in all conditions around the globe. The brand-new edition with HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH and reworked twist pattern is even more stable and balanced now, yet delivering superb power when underpowered. The favorite sail of wave superhero Victor Fernandez guarantees maximum performance independently of the sailor's weight.

The new HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH make the HERO an exceptional hardcore wave sail. It performs on top level even at the toughest spots like on the Canaries and in South Africa. There the HERO works perfectly in overpowered jumping conditions. At the same time it is incredibly powerful in underpowered down the line surfing, like on Maui and Mauritius.

North moved up the batten above the boom to enlarge the gap to the foot batten, similar to a 3-batten sail. The batten-free zone is super effective to pump and offers no resistance in underpowered surf, just like a typical 3-batten sail.

To create maximum stability in high wind North added two MINI.BATTENS and a HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH right above the boom. The new RADIAL.LOAD.STRIPES starting from the clew stabilize especially the batten-free zone making for a seamless and constant load distribution.

The outcome is a 4-batten wave sail with an unmatched wind range. The low weight makes for incredible handling. The rotation is as smooth as silk, even with minimal outhaul tension. The top of the sail works very effectively to support the power, therefore you can safely choose a sail size smaller than with many other wave sails. This applies to almost any rider, regardless of their weight.


Absolutely identical in design, the HERO M.E. differs only in the reduced amount of CROSS.YARN.LAMINATE and a standard protector.

  • NEW: HOLLOW.LOWER.LEECH (scooped leech outline) with additional MINI.BATTEN stabilizes the profile right above the boom and prevents leech flattering
  • NEW: RADIAL.LOAD.STRIPES at the clew improve the stability and extend the wind range
  • NEW: made to survive: the new HERO features the smallest monofilm window of any 4-batten sail on the market
  • 150 grams lower weight due to WEIGHT.OPTIMIZED.PANEL.LAYOUT
  • 5.3 and 5.6 are designed around the RDM400 mast now
  • Extremely sturdy, unbreakable epoxy battens
  • iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective molded mast protector
  • BALANCED.LUFF.LENGTH luff as short as possible for radical handling and as long as necessary for maximum wind range


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