Ion 2019 Apex Curv 10-Big Winds
Ion 2019 Apex Curv 10-Big Winds

Ion 2019 Apex Curv 10

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The revolutionary Thermo Composite CURV material is a totally new innovation in harness development and sets a new benchmark in design and performance. Featuring this latest development, the brand-new, fully molded APEX CURV 10 offers an outstandingly light yet incredibly robust harness construction and is one of the medium stiff models (flex index 10)* of ION's range. The 3D Plus Spine and higher outline was designed to support the rider exactly where needed most to ensure long and joyful sessions.

  • *Flex Index (1-20): The flex index describes the rigidity of the harness.
  • Higher flex index = hard and rigid = direct feeling
  • Lower flex index = soft and flexible = comfortable



    • Curv: Completely molded CURV composite material with strong Back support and flexible side-parts
    • C_Bar: Fiber reinforced injection material with a modular exchangeable metal hook.The new tension lever tightens the harness without changing the buckle settings.
    • Internal Flex_Belt: Keeps your harness in place when unhooked
    • Inside EVA: Internal EVA construction for optimized comfort



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