2016 Goya Banzai 4.2 Yellow

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Crisp power, and Swiss Army knife versatility. Fast for bump and jump sailing, nimble for wave sailing, and enormously tuneable, the Banzai is a staff favorite among various sized and skilled Big Winds’ employees. Rig once and keep sailing, even when conditions change, with small outhaul adjustments. Lightweight (just 4 battens) and powerful, the Banzai utilizes a Bi-Ply monofilm window that’s a stiff as monofilm, but three times as durable. Tough to overstate how much we love this do-it-all sail. But the real proof is on the water here in the Gorge. Banzais are everywhere!

A+ Condition

  • Luff (cm): 390
  • Boom (cm): 152
  • Mast (cm): 370


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