Fanatic 2019 Gecko LTD Foil Edition

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The performance of the Gecko is best measured by the size of smile it puts on yFanatics face. The Gecko is designed with just two objectives in mind – make freeriding easy and make it fun.›Easy‹ and ›exciting‹ are two characteristics that don’t usually go hand-in-hand, so to keep the ease, yet boost the fun factor, Fanatic did things a little differently with the Gecko. The general concept is wider, thinner and with less Volume. With a wider and thinner profile the Gecko is able to provide incredible levels of stability and control. Everything an early freerider is going to need. And more. Balance for uphauling, stability when progressing to the straps, control when planing and an ease of planing that does the work for you. You will learn quicker and more easily on the Gecko. Yet once the basics are mastered, you won't be looking for a new board, because the Gecko is designed to shine as brightly for the accomplished freerider as it does for the newcomer with its exciting, engaging ride and fantastic gybing performance. The Gecko range is one of Fanatic's most accessible. Catering for all needs, it is offered in a wide selection of construction, price and performance options. These include Fanatic's durable HRS construction, high performance LTD together with specialeditions such as the Gecko Eco and Gecko Foil. No matter what yFanatics level, if you measure a good day's windsurfing by the smile on yFanatics face, then look no further than the Gecko! Simple. Easy. Fun. Additional footstrap and daggerboard options of the Gecko 156+ make this range the perfect companion for yFanatics progression from the first steps to planing through Fanatics gybes.

  • Great stability at both high and low speeds
  • Larger planing surface to get you through lulls and gybes with ease
  • Forgiving of unrefined foot placement and weight distribution
  • Very easy carve gybing with thin rails and wider tail
  • Footstrap options for progression; from first time in the straps to advanced
  • Performance that you won’t outgrow
  • New 100 & 110 models, retuned for even better speed, acceleration and early planing
  • Offered in a selection of construction options and special-editions


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