Element Expeditions Paddle Grip Wax Anti-Sweat

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All formulas protect skin, effectively improve grip, reduce fatigue and improve linkage with water sport apparatuses. All significantly increase adhesion and are hydro-phobic, effectively displacing both water and sweat. The 100% natural formulas are skin/watershed friendly and offer excellent skin protection against maceration and friction injuries. The appropriate formula will depend primarily on water/ambient temperatures however, the specific application/context may also be considered.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) ANTI-SWEAT: Moderate adhesion/tackiness. Moderate density/hardness. Displaces water and sweat. Great All-Temp/All-Purpose formula. Thickens easily, wont flake or migrate, not messy.

Check out our review on the Big Winds Blog.



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Element Expeditions Paddle Grip Wax Anti-Sweat

Element Expeditions Paddle Grip Wax Anti-Sweat

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