Duotone 2019 Neo-Big Winds
Duotone 2019 Neo-Big Winds
Duotone 2019 Neo-Big Winds
Duotone 2019 Neo-Big Winds

Duotone 2019 Neo Kiteboarding Kite

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2019 Duotone Neo Review

What We Say

Bottom Line: Big Winds’ best seller. Duotone’s best seller worldwide. The 2019 Neo’s down-the-line drift, broad power band, easy access to depower, and smooth turning casts an exceptionally wide net. From directional board riders, to our staff of instructors (they teach on, recommend and personally use this kite), the 2019 Neo remains a can’t-miss favorite.

What We Liked: Big expectations. Big rewards. We cross our fingers every year with a simple hope for the latest Neo: Please don’t mess it up. This year the relief came quick. The 2019 Neo somehow managed to deliver more impressive drift and more fluid turning than its predecessor. And while the 2019 Neo continues to be a powerful kite, it retains its ability shed power easily, and instantly. Duotone suggests rigging the Neo one size smaller than traditional kites. We feel this is unnecessary. So if your current quiver is a 7, 9, and 12 meter, stick to these sizes for the Neo. Duotone has tamed the Neo’s power over the years, and the 2019 model is no exception.

What We Didn’t Like: Hard to pick Neo flaws, but if hang time and unhooked freestyle suit your style opt for the Duotone Rebel and Duotone Dice respectively.

The Neo Best Suits: The Neo is designed to be ridden in the waves, but we’ve found that hardly encapsulates its appeal. Entry level kiters, strapless freestylers, and even foilers enjoy the Neo.

Availability: 2019 Neo kites are available in 3-12 meter sizes. Call 888 509 4210 or contact us for exclusive package deals. 

Control System Recommendation: Duotone Click Bar 20-22 meter or Trust Quad 22 meter for 5-8 meter Neo kites; Duotone Click Bar 22-24 meter or Trust Quad 24 meter for 9-14 meter Neo kites.

Loop Recommendation: Duotone Freeride Loop for hook spreader bars; Duotone Rope Loop for rope bars.




  • Fantastic drifting abilities
  • To get the most out of every wave session a kite needs to be exceedingly stable in the air with excellent drift, making it perfect for waveriding.

  • Responsive steering - powered or depowered.
  • Whether you're powered or not, with the adaptive tip, kites have a very responsive steering at all time - powered or not.

  • Very powerful - but with great depower
  • Always the perfect amount of power which is required during waveriding. Choose at least one size smaller!

  • Flex segment leading edge design.
  • Special flex segments have been built into the leading edge, allowing the kite to twist even more when turning. This improves the handling capabilities of the neo making it very dynamic.

  • Adjustable front bridle
  • The adjustable front bridle offers a freeride tuning setup. Those who want a more solid bar feel and kite feedback, should go for the hard adaptive tip setting.

  • 4 and 5 LINE SETUP
  • You can choose the best setup, depending on your preference and riding style. The 5th line makes it easier to relaunch.





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