Black Project Sonic Pro Carbon

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The SONIC SUP race fin is designed for raw speed, enhanced flow and ultimate control. This race fin will help you connect bumps while downwinding, sprint faster and surf into the finish with speed and style. The Sonic is best suited for high cadence advanced to elite professional paddlers. Built in ultralight pro carbon construction this is the lightest race fin available.

The Sonic Sup Race fin is the smallest and loosest feeling sup race fin Black Project makes. It frees up the tail of raceboards and encourages a dynamic, flowing and fast racing style. The combination of a race proven foil and progressive rake enable experienced riders take advantage of even the smallest of bumps. This fast and loose feeling is ideal for elite riders with a high cadence who are in tune with ocean chop and currents. On flat water the Sonic is blisteringly fast. In downwind conditions it enables you to flow through a series of swells. The ability to take off late and carve on the wave face opens up new possibilities.


  • Maximum Speed for Elite Racers
  • Maximum Maneuverability
  • Shallow Water & Weed Resistant
  • 150 grams
  • Depth 18cm
  • Area 214 sq cm
  • 45 degrees leading edge with progressive rake
  • RTM Pro Carbon construction


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