2019 Goya Guru X 5.0 (Sample)

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"A" condition, approved sample sail. Comes with generic sail bag. Luff: 416 cm Boom: 161-164 cm Recommend Mast: 400 cm Adjustable Head Cap? No

Best For: Supple power, unrivaled control and durability. We love the Guru X because it keeps riders - especially light and middleweight riders - in the driver’s seat in gusty Gorge winds. Its power delivery is so soft and forgiving Big Winds’ staffers have found boards ride smoother (and sessions last longer) with the Guru. Monofilm free, the Guru features a bomber X-ply and vinyl window, and a dacron luff panel that tames the wildest of winds. Popular as a smallest sail in quivers (read: it’s tough to get blown off of it) and among smaller riders, the Guru inspires a relaxed grip and relaxed mindset in radical conditions. 

What's a Sample Sail? It's a factory proof. As in, the first sail off the factory floor, sent to the sail designer for a final OK before mass production. The Goya sample models in this collection were all approved. Many were unrolled for a final check and nothing more.  


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2019 Goya Guru X 5.0 (Sample)

2019 Goya Guru X 5.0 (Sample)

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