2019 Goya Fringe Pro 4.2 (Sample)

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"A" condition, approved sample sail. Luff: 382 cm Boom: 154 cm Recommend Mast: 370 cm Adjustable Head Cap? No

Best For: Planing power in a small, unbelievably lightweight package. The Fringe is different. Just three battens keep weight to an absolute minimum. The Fringe also allows riders to enjoy sail sizes .5 - 1.0 meters smaller than rivals, thanks to a direct - and abundant - power delivery. Rig small and get planing with a featherweight rig. Tease breezes begone. Ditto for plus size sails and their costly components. In fact, Big Winds’ staffer Eddy Patricelli wishes this sail existed when he lived in Florida. He claims the 6.2 Fringe would’ve negated any need for 7.0 meter sails. More recently, Eddy - along with foiling super star Tony Logosz - have found the Fringe to be a great sail for wind foiling.

What's a Sample Sail? It's a factory proof. As in, the first sail off the factory floor, sent to the sail designer for a final OK before mass production. The Goya sample models in this collection were all approved. Many were unrolled for a final check and nothing more.  



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2019 Goya Fringe Pro 4.2 (Sample)

2019 Goya Fringe Pro 4.2 (Sample)

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