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Demo 2021 Goya Custom Quad 74 “A-” Condition

DESCRIPTION In great shape. Two minor paint chips, but you gotta look for ’em. A favorite for incredible grip in

Team 2021 Goya One 3 Pro 86 “A” Condition

DESCRIPTION Excellent condition. New board sparkle in effect. This 2021 Goya One 3 86 was in a board bag tucked away in
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Used 2017 Goya Bolt 95 Consignment Windsurfing Board

NEW! Board was purchased, set aside, and the owner recently has started wing boarding. The Bolt is a staff favorite.

Team 2020 Duotone Super Hero 4.7 “B+” Condition Windsurfing Sail

Fantastic sail. Fantastic condition. A few minor scuffs here in there, but it takes effort to see ’em. Ships by

USED 2019 Goya 99% Carbon 400 cm BOTTOM Windsurfing Mast

DESCRIPTION We’re not sure this bottom was ever used by its famous foiling owner, Greg Glazier. This 400 cm 99%