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2020 Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board

WING FOILING – SKY WING SIZES: 4’8″ / 5’0″ / 5’4″/ 5’8″/ 6’0″ The Sky Wing is our dedicated board range

2020 MFC Hydros Large 1250 Kite/Surf Foil

The FW1250 generates a lot of gradual lift while maintaining good control for beginner riders or riders over 180lbs or

2020 MFC Hydros XL 1600 SUP Foil

This is an extremely stable version of the HYDROS. This Model allows for total control at Maximum speed. The large

2020 Naish High Aspect Foil Front Wing

DETAILS The new 2020 Naish H.A. foils are the perfect choice for SUP and wing foiling – and for foiling


$1,245.00 $933.00
The newly developed 2020 Jet Foil sets offer a multitude of new features setting a new performance standard for surf

2020 Ride Engine Manta 99cm Foil Wing

$776.00 $699.00
DESCRIPTION SUP | SURF | WINDSURF Designed for maximum lift, stability and glide, the Manta 99 is an enlarged version of

2020 Slingshot HOVER GLIDE FSUP

$1,221.00 $1,099.00
WHY YOU’LL LOVE THE HOVER GLIDE FSUP + NEW Neoprene wing covers & travel bag + NEW 28” Aluminum Mast

2020 Takuma Concept Profoil Alloy

DESCRIPTION The Lol Profoil LB 1300, 1600, and 1900 Aluminum/Carbon Foil outperforms the competition in a variety of conditions with

2021 S25 Naish Hover Crossover Windsurf/SUP Foil Board

DETAILS The waterman lifestyle is deeply rooted at Naish with backgrounds in windsurfing, SUP and surfing. The Hover Crossover combines