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Black Project Sonic Pro Carbon

DESCRIPTION The SONIC SUP race fin is designed for raw speed, enhanced flow and ultimate control. This race fin will

Black Project Tiger Sprint Carbon

DESCRIPTION The TIGER SUP race fin is designed for increased speed, enhanced tracking and extreme maneuverability. The Tiger is highly

Hala 4.5 Gummy Fin

DESCRIPTION Shallow Water and River | Maneuverability This 4.5’s۝center fin is super flexible and is a go to for shallow

Hala 4.5in Gummy Side-Bite Click Fins

DESCRIPTION All- Around and River Environments | Maneuverability and Control These gummy side-bite click fins are flexible and durable for

Hala Low-Pro River Fin 1.5in

DESCRIPTION River Environments | Maneuverability and Low Draft The best friend of our Hala Stompbox, this low profile fin was

Hala Surf Fin Thumb Screw

DESCRIPTION Surf Fin Thumb Screw and Plate included. No tools needed. Hand tighten. Universal fit. Fits all standard FCS, Futures,

SIC Carbon Weedless 7.0″ Fin

DESCRIPTION   This fin is fast and can cut through any type of grass or kelp. Light weight with strength

SIC Gore-Tex Vent Plug

This screw in plug has a built in two way gore vent membrane that automatically lets air in and out