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2021 Takuma Concept Lol Profoil Carbon Complete SUP/Surf Foil Package

DESCRIPTION The Lol Profoil LB 1300, 1600, and 1900 Carbon Foil outperforms the competition in a variety of conditions with

Takuma Concept Profoil Alloy Complete

The new 2021 Takuma LOL Profoil Alloy now comes with a redesigned 75cm mast with wider cord (stiffer) and a redesigned fuselage that has a built in angle of attack to enhance lift and acceleration.  The 75cm or 85cm mast kit comes complete with a suitcase and breaks down small for travel.  Offered with the super surfy FW1300/BW270 (surf/wing), the ever versatile FW1600/BW300  (wing/SUP) or the ultra efficient FW1900/BW300 (light wind wing/SUP).