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2021 Ride Engine Unity Harness Connection System

CONNECTION OPTIONS Direct Connection – Comprised of two revolutionary pieces—the Unity Spreader Bar and the Unity Ladder-Lock Straps—the Unity Connection

Ion C-Bar Hook / Slider 3.0

Ion C-Bar Hook/Slider Convertible spreader bar can be used as a standard freeride setup or, remove the hook and use as a

2020 Ride Engine Fixed Hook Kiteboarding Spreader Bar

$66.00 $59.00
DESCRIPTION Boosting, technical freestyle, wakestyle, or if you are the type of rider looking for the most feedback from your

2020 Ride Engine Kiteboarding Sliding Spreader Bar

$66.00 $59.00
Originally pioneered by the surf movement then fully realized by the freeriders the benefits of a sliding spreader bar is


$37.00 $33.00
Unity Rope conversion kit During the early underground-days of the kitesurfing movement, riders were looking for more freedom in movement to