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Ion C-Bar Hook / Slider 3.0

Ion C-Bar Hook/Slider Convertible spreader bar can be used as a standard freeride setup or, remove the hook and use as a

Ion C-Bar Kitehook/Rope Slider 2.0

  The Composite Kite slider Bar is the all new Spreaderbar and is the choice for all wave fanatics. The

Ion C-Bar Kitesurf Hook

The Composite Kite Hook Bar is the all new Spreader bar. The material combination of the specific Composite Bar with

2020 Ride Engine Fixed Hook Kiteboarding Spreader Bar

$66.00 $59.00
DESCRIPTION Boosting, technical freestyle, wakestyle, or if you are the type of rider looking for the most feedback from your

2020 Ride Engine Kiteboarding Sliding Spreader Bar

$66.00 $59.00
Originally pioneered by the surf movement then fully realized by the freeriders the benefits of a sliding spreader bar is

Dakine Hammerhead Spreader Bar Complete

Hammerhead Spreader Bar Freedom shape spreader bar pad Dual blade hook knife Assembled and ready to attach to any Dakine

Dakine Push Button Hammerhead Spreader Bar

$76.00 $49.00
2 Year Limited Warranty Kite-specific hammerhead hook Push button easy connect and disconnect Crossbar for hold down webbing strap Freedom

Ride Engine 2019 Metal Slider Bar

$66.00 $47.00
Maximum comfort and travel for hooked-in riding Compatible with all 2019 Ride Engine Harnesses