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SIC Carbon Weedless 7.0″ Fin

DESCRIPTION   This fin is fast and can cut through any type of grass or kelp. Light weight with strength

SIC 3 PIECE SUP Paddle Bag

Description Padded durable fabric Heavy-duty zippers Velcro Closure

SIC Board Bag Touring 12’6″ x 30″

  Padded durable fabric Heat-resistant Heavy-duty zippers Padded handles Shoulder strap Access to the board handle Reinforced nose and tail

SIC Talon GL-P90 2 Piece Adjustable Paddle

DETAILS The design and performance of SIC paddle blades is based around three phases of an efficient paddle stroke: The

2020 SIC Bayonet Paddle Board

DESCRIPTION Elite Downwind | Performance Fitness | Touring The Bayonet Series is pushing the limits of what is possible in