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Duotone Platinum Aero 3.0 Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

DETAILS   Ultra-lightweight, ultra-dynamic, and ultra-playful. Whether on flat water or moderate waves, the Aero 3.0 mast makes every rig light

Duotone Platinum 100% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

DETAILS The Platinum series was developed for World Cup pros and anyone else who expects the very best. The series has

Goya 90% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

DETAILS This 90% carbon mast is Goya’s workhorse. Superstars Marcilio Brown and Levi Siver rely on it daily as it

Goya 100% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Masts

DETAILS 100% Carbon. Made in Italy. This all new all carbon mast is our pride and joy. We’ve put years

Sailworks Twill 95% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

DETAILS The Carbon Twill RDM, manufactured exclusively for Sailworks by Nolimitz is a high end, high performance reduced diameter mast.

NoLimitz F.A.S.T. Windsurfing Mast

DETAILS F.A.S.T Sizes available: 460cm / 490cm The Nolimitz F.A.S.T. is the solution for sailors looking for maximum freeride performance

Duotone Gold 90% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

DETAILS More carbon, better performance, higher load reserves! Made from 90% high-tech T700 carbon, the GOLD.90 is manufactured to the

NoLimitz Sumo 91% Carbon RDM

DETAILS The Sumo is slightly stiffer (approximately 1 point MCS) than the “Original” line of Skinnies and is very popular

Goya 70% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

DETAILS 70% carbon. Value that’s a cut above. This mast provides outstanding performance and durability at an affordable price. Having