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2021 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite

REACH – PERFORMANCE FREERIDE Your desert island kite Travel with less gear, ready for any adventure. The Reach is a

2021 North Carve Kiteboarding Kite

DETAILS CARVE – SURF/STRAPLESS FREESTYLE Instant drift with a flick of the wrist Powerful, reactive and controllable, the Carve provides

2021 North Navigator Kite Control Bar

Think less, feel more Release and reload faster with the intuitive single-action reload Connect Quick Release, and switch effortlessly between

2020 North Atmos Carbon Kiteboard

DETAILS Master-crafted by our skilled engineers, who have carefully positioned the full carbon laminate layup to provide a dynamic and


DETAILS   Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, our Flex Bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid

2020 North Orbit Kiteboarding Kite

DETAILS FREERIDE/BIG AIR4m   5m   6m   7m   8m   9m   10m   11m   12m  

2020 North Reach Kiteboarding Kite

DETAILS PERFORMANCE FREERIDE Boost. Loop. Foil. Surf. The Reach is a lively and playful all-round performer with unparalleled versatility and

2020 North Scoop kite Foilboard

$899.00 $719.00
DETAILS  The Sonar range is all about the feeling of freedom. You’ll notice how easy it is to ride and

2020 North Sonar Freeride Edition Complete Foil

DETAILS Our North Sonar Modular Foil technology represents North’s design philosophy at its most pure: stripped back to the necessary. With