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Ion Vector Vest Amp FZ 2020

DESCRIPTION ION’s got your back whether you’re sticking gnarly tricks or battling the waves of your lifetime. The Vector Vest

Cabrinha Sprint XL Kite Pump with Gauge

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NSI Solarez Extreme

High strength, fiber reinforced polyester resin, with a solar activated catalyst which remains liquid until direct sunlight hits it. Ideal

Airtime Nylon Repair Tape

Nylon repair tape is most often used when you need to repair large tears in the canopy. The tape is

Airtime Lazy Pump Connectors

Pack containing five straight poly barbs (5/16″ x 5/16″) for use with North Lazy Pump systems. These connectors are used

Airtime DIY Kite Repair Kit

This kite repair kit can’t duplicate the results of a professional sewn repair but is a good option for those

Airtime Dacron Repair Tape – Black

60″ of 2″ wide kite repair tape. Dacron fabric with a pressure sensitive adhesive meant for marine application. Taping minor

Airtime Bladder Repair Kit

Quickly patch small holes in your kite air bladder with peel and stick repair tape. Kit includes 3″ x 6″