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Naish aluminum masts have been redesigned entirely for S25, achieving weight savings of 25%, increased stiffness in both bending and

Ion Ivy Women’s Impact Vest 2021

DESCRIPTION Get the little bit of extra confidence you need to stick your new trick! The Ivy Vest Women FZ

Duotone Kite Vest Waist

Protection is not everything when it comes to pushing the limits. That’s why the Duotone Kite Vest Waist features a

WMFG Classic Grooved 6 Pack

DESCRIPTION WMFG’s grooved six pack pad system offers incredible grip, acres of coverage, and board protection that retains sensitivity to

Aeolian HILO Kite/SUP Pump

Aeolian HILO Kite/SUP Pump 2 in 1 High/Low pressure    

Ion Kite Core Leash Short 2020

Colors: Available in Black, Blue, and Olive. Length: 55cm Materials: Nylon TPU Stainless Steel


  An essential part of the Duotone collection, the Vario Combo footpads and straps are compatible with all Duotone boards,

2021 Duotone Entity Ergo Kiteboard Footstraps

DETAILS The skeleton of a foot consists of 28 bones. The foot bones can be divided into following groups: tarsal

2021 Ride Engine Empax Vest

DESCRIPTION Essential flotation and impact protection for kiters and windsurfers, designed to be worn comfortably under your harness with a