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2018 Naish Thrust Board Mount – Tuttle

DESCRIPTION ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Adapt your Naish Thrust Foil to fit Tuttle box boards. This is compatible with deep Tuttle Box

2020 Naish Board Mount Complete Abracadabra

DESCRIPTION   The game changing Abracadabra plate has been re-engineered and is now tooless to make connecting the foil to

Foil Mounting System Screws & Nuts

Foil Mounting System (Screws+Nuts) (4pcs)

FoilMount Standard

DESCRIPTION The standard mount is a flat plate that can be installed on any flat board surface. It is suitable


DETAILS Protect yourself and your foil wings while they are out of the water with this durable and soft neoprene

M8 Foil Mounting Hardware (Screws)

DETAILS M8 foil mounting replacement screws. Available in either standard Phillips head or Hex head.  Sold online as set of 4.

Ride Engine Day Strike Foil Board Bag

$250.00 $225.00
DESCRIPTION No one will argue that fully built hydrofoil surfboards aren’t awkward and cumbersome. The Ride Engine Day Strike Foil

Ride Engine Hoof Hook

$66.00 $59.00
DETAILS The Ride Engine Hoof Hook is half of a foot strap designed to provide leverage and a locked-in feel

Slingshot Half Strap 2.0

$66.00 $59.00
DESCRIPTION *Sold as a pair Slingshot Half Straps are exactly what the name suggests- they’re half of a foot strap