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Naish Wing Surfer LE S25

Naish's latest S25 Wing Surfer, featuring more power, stability, larger windows and Robby's  iconic skull and crossbones graphics.

Cabrinha Crosswing X2 Wing

A rare wing: perfect for Day 1, tough to ever outgrow. Unique double strut technology delivers efficient, direct power. Rigid, wide span handles make trimming effortless.

Takuma Wing Ride III Wing

Tensioned canopy delivers stable, trustable power, ideal for progression. Lightweight, well built and awesome handles too. An easy wing for us to recommend.

Starboard/Air Rush FreeWing Air Hand Held Wing 2020

A Big Winds' favorite. One our most powerful wings, incredibly easy to use, well-positioned windows, and built to last by a reputable kite maker.

Naish Wing Surfer S25

The wing that started it all made better. Bigger power, bigger wind range, and larger windows. Lightweight, easy to inflate, includes everything - pump and leash!