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Severne Alien Foil Freeride Windsurf Board 2023

Friendly free-ride foiling performance, built with lightweight carbon construction you won’t soon outgrow. Comes with foot straps. How do we ship boards?

Starboard Kode Carbon Windsurf Board 2023

Drive, agility and speed. The Starboard Kode is more fun in waves and keeps its fast freeride feel. Are we promising too much? Come and try for yourself. How do we ship boards?

Slingshot Wizard V4 2023

Lighter, more versatile, and efficient. The Wizard V4 draws on lessons learned. A smart foil track mount out the back of the tail for easy foil attachments. New foot strap options, and friendly for winging!

Starboard iSUP Windsurfing Touring Deluxe SC 12’6″x30″ 2023

SHIPS FREE. 2-n-1 fun. Awesome for paddling, with surprising windsurfing performance. This board will rise onto a plane and go fast in moderate winds, and offers foot straps. It's also a great platform for teaching with remove-able center fin. *Free shipping in contiguous U.S. to airport freight facility. How do we ship?

Goya Carrera Carbon Freecarve Single 2023

A free-riding, free-carving standout. Lightweight carbon construction, priced hundreds less than carbon rivals. Exceptional planing, jibing and all-around performance. The Carrera has a cult following here in the Gorge, and for good reason! How do we ship boards?

Severne Predator Windsurf Foil Board 2023

The Severne Predator is our ultimate step-up windsurf foil board. Far lighter than rivals. For intermediate foilers and above, the Predator lets you rig small, ride high, and go big! How do we ship boards?

Goya Volar Freeride Single 2023

All the shaping and smooth riding features as the Volar Carbon, but in a rugged and more affordable construction that's ideal for schools, and families. A durable, but lightweight board. Great for windsurfers on a budget. How do we ship boards?

Goya Volar Carbon Freeride Single 2023

Our best selling free-ride board for several years now. Effortless acceleration, impressive top speeds, and always behaved. "Volar" means "to fly" in Spanish. This board does, and it's not picky about the pilot! How do we ship boards?

Quatro Pyramid Pro Thruster Windsurf Board 2023

Original price was: $2,495.00.Current price is: $1,996.00.
The Pyramid Pro is Quatro's ultimate wave board. No holds barred. Enhanced planing and speed for the 2022/23 model, with legendary carving grip! How do we ship boards?