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Goya Surf Windsurfing Board 2021

Our perfect shape for Day 1, and far beyond. The Goya Surf guarantees a fun and fast entry into the

Fanatic Freewave STB Textreme 105 Liter Windsurf Board 2019

$2,799.00 $1,899.00
The game changer. A wide tail and parallel rails create an extremely easy ride, while delivering unbelievable early planing and

Naish Global Windsurfing Board 2019

$2,429.00 $1,457.40
Naish’s most versatile wave board, delivering planing power to excel in marginal winds, and tricky onshore conditions, while retaining the


A free-ride favorite, the 2019 Starship puts incredible free-ride and bump-n-jump performance into an easy-to-ride design for any condition from