***Windsurfing lessons will not be offered this summer.***

Our apologies. Not an easy decision. Helping windsurfers hit the water is in our DNA.

In that regard, give Brian at Brian's Windsurfing Lessons a call at 541 377 9463.

Also, find our best entry-level and intermediate gear packages below.

And yes, windsurfing lessons will be back for summer 2021!


Entry-Level Option 1: 

Fanatic Viper Air Windsurf Inflatable, $999  + iRig One

Portable and stable. Easiest first timer package ever!

Entry-Level Option 2: 

Starboard Rio + Power Glide Rig

Best for now and next. Learn basics, harness, foot straps, and beyond!

Intermediate Option:

Goya Volar 160 + Power Glide Rig

Big enough to uphaul in a pinch, but better for water starts, and those targeting high winds and high speeds.  

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