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2022 GoFoil Fixed Tail Wing

FTS (Fixed Tail Short): The FTS has a shortened pedestal, creating a shorter fuselage with the distance between the front

Slick Foil Wing Strut Bladder

Replacement leading edge bladder for Duotone Slick wings.

S26 Naish Jet Foil High Aspect (HA) Semi Complete Packages

Targeted upgrade — the Naish wings you want, and nothing more. Fits your existing Naish foil mast.

S26 Naish Jet Foil Semi Complete Package

The targeted foil upgrade you need. Naish's latest wings, ready to fit your existing Naish foil mast.

2022 GoFoil RS Front Foil Wings

Go Foil's latest high aspect, high speed wing for wing and SUP foiling.

Slingshot Vent Screw Stainless

Made to fit most Cobra-made windsurf, SUP and wing boards. 3/8" - 16 screw with o-ring 

2022 GoFoil GT Front Wings

GoFoil GT2200 Front Wing The “GT” stands for “Go To.” The GoFoil GT Series is a dramatically responsive, controlled and