2020 Fanatic Freewave TE Windsurfing Board


Best for wave riding and freestyle

Sizes: 75 / 85 / 95 / 105

An evolution of the Stubby outline blended with our legendary FreeWave DNA, the all new 2020 FreeWave is the true chameleon – ready to adapt and excel in all conditions.

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Best for wave riding and freestyle

Sizes: 75 / 85 / 95 / 105 / 115

2020 Fanatic Freewave Review


2020 Fanatic Free Wave 75 from Big Winds on Vimeo.

Tested: 2020 Fanatic Freewave 75 Team Edition

Length: 228 cm Width: 56 cm

Volume: 75 L Weight: 13.2 lbs. 

Fins: MFC TF 18 cm power box center fin; 2X TF 12 cm slot box fins 

Sail Range Per Fanatic: Up to 5.8 Retail Price: $2,399

 What’s new for 2020 Fanatic Freewaves? 

  • Added 75-liter model in Team Edition and BXF editions
  • Bye bye square nose and tail; rounded nose and pulled in tail for 2020
  • Revised rocker line for early planing and enhanced maneuverability

What I Liked: Love at first run. No hiccups. When I pushed - slashing, jumping - the Freewave 75 was right with me, spry and ready straight off the beach. If I settled into the harness, drag racing a friend, hunkering down in a gust, the board was behaved, smooth, and confidence inspiring. The Fanatic Freewave 75 planed early and planed easily. Its parallel rails released up to speed with minimal rider input, and minimal forearm load. And unlike last year’s Freewave models, the impressive planing performance didn’t require carving adjustments in the jibes or on a swell. The Freewave 75 felt responsive on edge without any snags. Also impressive, the 75’s stability while schlogging. It’s a friendly shape on or off a plane.  

What I Didn’t Like: Last year’s Fanatic Freewave boards were untouchable in upwind performance. The Freewave 75 felt more mortal upwind. Still good, but not as dominating. Separately, I’m not convinced the 75-liter Fanatic Freewave could handle a 5.8 sail as claimed by Fanatic without demanding a bigger center fin than provided. 

Board Best Suits: Me. I’d own it (and recommend it) in a heartbeat for 3.0 - 5.2 Gorge sailing. But I’d also put my intermediate/advanced wife on it and in no way risk marital bliss. The board best suits anyone looking for a fun, easy-to-dial-in board that carries no risk of outgrowing. It’s silky planing performance makes it especially well-suited for mature sailors and real-world wave locations.


  • Three constructions exist for Fanatic Freewave models: Team Edition, TXTR and BXF.
  • Freewave Team Edition models are available in 75, 85, 95, 105 & 115 sizes ($2,399).
  • Freewave TXTR models are available in 85, 95, 105, and 115 models ($2,899).
  • Team Edition and TXTR Freewave models include thruster fin set. 
  • Freewave BXF Freewave 75, 85, 95 and 105 models available in durable BXF construction ($2,049) include a single fin.

Eddy Patricelli is a co-owner of Big Winds. From 2001-2007 he was the editor of WindSurfing magazine. He has been windsurfing (and teaching windsurfing) for decades. See his best video tip for getting your kids onboard here.


CharacteristicsAn evolution of the Stubby outline blended with our legendary FreeWave DNA, the all new 2020 FreeWave is the true chameleon – ready to adapt and excel in all conditions.

We took our low-drag FreeWave STB a step further and refined the nose and pulled in the tail shape, resulting in increased control and manoeuvrability that rivals any classic waveboard on the wave face. That left us room to increase planing power through its rocker line, making the 2020 range clearly the most powerful FreeWave of all times!

From flatwater blasting to bump & jump to waves, the new FreeWave is the one board that takes it all in its stride, and will boost your level across a bigger range of conditions than ever.



New Shape

New Shape concept across the entire range, with added 75 litre version



Fast Rocker

Faster rocker line boosts planing power especially on the larger sizes


Bottom Shape

Very smooth and comfortable ride in chop thanks to constant V bottom shape with slight double concaves



Flat Deck

Great for classic freestyle moves thanks to the flat deck, neutral bottom shape and compact outline



Wide Tail

The wide tail ensures incredible early planing and upwind performance



Fin Options

Fin Options Powerbox center fin and Slot Box side fins (with Slot Box covers) allow for use as a tri-fin or single fin



Pulled in tail

New pulled in tail shape and outline boosts manoeuvrability and control over previous FreeWave STB



Parallel Rails

Parallel outline design provides low drag and boosts control



Trim And Stance

Trim and stance provides snappy turning on the wave



Footstrap options

Footstrap Options Double back strap option (on the larger models - 95+) for flatwater blasting and true versatility



Foot pad

Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads





1 Light finish and weight saving graphics 2 90° fibre layer
3 45° Biax Innegra Carbon layer 
4 Extra strong heel wood patch 
5 Biax Innegra Carbon heel force patch 6 High density PVC sandwich core 
7 Biax Innegra Carbon reinforcement
8 90° Glass reinforcement
9 Ultralight fibre layer
10 Super light EPS core

45/45 degree Biax Innegra Carbon fibre, with an additional 90 degree fibre weave layer on top. This combination of precisely placed fibres caters for a perfect balance of flex and stiffness. Extra wide Carbon and Innegra fibres with a linear alignment for best strength and efficiency of each individual fibre. Our unique Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish technology has proven to be the ultimate construction for our Wave and Freestyle boards. Fanatic took the initiative to take the next technical step by introducing this new and exclusive high-end fibre finish into all TE models, meeting the high demands of our World Cup Team.

P E R F O R M A N C E  F E A T U R E S

• Absorbs force from impact extremely well due to 45 / 45 degree weave, and achieves maximum strength via an extra layer of fibres on top with a 90 degree weave
• Added durability and 3 % stronger due to the woven fibre of the Carbon and Innegra
• Perfectly balanced (50 / 50). Strong, forgiving and impact resistant Innegra combined with a durable Carbon weave


Power box and two slot fins

FREEWAVE TE 75 / 85 / 95 / 105

1x Power Box

2x Slot Box 13 cm / 1x 18 cm / 19 cm / 20 cm / 21 cm, 2x 12 cm

Fin for Freewave 115


1x Power Box,
2x Slot Box 13 cm / MFC 30 cm




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