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Duotone Platinum Aero 2.0 Series Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS You know you want it. The Duotone Platinum Aero 2.0 is the lightest boom in the world and the

Duotone Platinum 100% Carbon Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS The super-lightweight carbon PLATINUM in AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY is designed for experienced and performance-oriented riders with its ultra-stiff monocoque

Goya Slim Pro Carbon Tapered Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS This reduced diameter boom is Goya’s workhorse carbon boom. Any dramatic action photo taken over the last years was

Chinook Pro-1 Carbon Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS   Proudly made in the USA. Features a monocoque custom composite body and tail-piece. The Pro 1 Carbon booms have exceptional

Chinook Pro-1 Carbon RDG Windsurfing Boom

Chinook’s ultra lightweight, narrow grip carbon boom isn’t just for small hands. We’ve found riders of all sizes who prefer

Duotone Windsurfing Boom EPX. Carbon

DETAILS   Who says carbon booms aren’t affordable? With the EPX.CARBON we make exclusivity affordable for everyone because it is

Goya Super Skinny Pro Carbon Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS Minimal Diameter, Maximum Performance 24.5 millimeters diameter grip. You wanted it. We wanted it. There you have it. The

Goya 60% Carbon Reduced Diameter Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS Goya Windsurfing’s workhorse boom, the “Carbon Pro” now comes in a more affordable build. The “Carbon” features a 60%

Duotone Silver Aluminum Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS   HIGH TECH ALU The most high-tech aluminum boom to date featuring 7075 high-tech aluminum. OVAL TAIL SECTION Increases

Chinook Pro-1 Alloy Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS Pro 1 Alloy booms have exceptional torsional rigidity and fit both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. The addition

Goya Slim Aluminum Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS Prime performance is being delivered by these reduced diameter T6 aluminum booms. On a budget but craving peak performance?

Duotone Power XT 2.0 Windsurfing Mast Extension

FEATURES Minimize rigging time. Maximize your sail’s range. It’s hard to understate the advantages of Duotone’s Power XT 2.0 windsurfing

Chinook Pro-1 Alloy RDG Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS 27 mm diameter grip Monocoque body Custom Tapered Alloy Fully articulating head Absolute length markings New double pin, composite

Goya Windsurfing Carbon Extension Pro RDM & SDM

DETAILS Not all extensions are equal. Goya’s Carbon Extension Pro SDM and RDM models are exceptionally stiff, lightweight and strong.

Starboard 2-n-1 R+SDM Extension

DETAILS   With the adapter collar, you get an SDM extension. Remove the adapter collar and you have an RDM

Chinook Windsurfing Skinny Carbon Mast Extension

DETAILS The Chinook Skinny Carbon mast extension delivers dramatic weight savings for RDM mast users. Featuring the Power Haul 6:1

Chinook Windsurfing Carbon Mast Extension SDM

DETAILS Light, strong, and extensively tested in the Gorge. Chinook’s Carbon Base Extension fits Standard Diameter Masts (SDM), and features

Chinook Tendon 2-Bolt Euro Pin Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS The Chinook Tendon 2-Bolt Euro Pin Windsurfing Mast Base is a great choice for durability, efficiency and convenience. The tendon provides

Goya Windsurfing Aluminum Extension RDM & SDM

DETAILS The economic alternative. These extensions offer the same features as our carbon models, but in a more affordable package

Chinook Windsurfing Skinny Aluminum Mast Extension

DETAILS Chinook’s Skinny Aluminum mast extension features bombproof, single-piece aluminum construction, the Power Haul 6:1 pulley and cleat assembly, and

Chinook Kids Boom

1″ ultra small diameter grip Fits smaller diameter masts without a shim New external locking collars for easy length adjustments

Chinook Tendon 2-Bolt US Mast Windsurfing Base

DETAILS The Chinook Tendon 2-Bolt US Windsurfing Base blends efficiency, durability and convenience. The tendon provides a positive, direct transfer

Chinook Tendon 1-Bolt Euro Pin Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS The Chinook Tendon 1-Bolt Euro Pin Windsurfing Base offers efficiency and durability. The tendon provides a positive, direct transfer or

Duotone iBase 2.0 Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS Lowest Design, Extreme Durability – To ensure the iBase 2.0 can be installed or removed without the need for tools, it

Chinook Rubber 2-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

DESCRIPTION You can’t go wrong with a rubber mast joint! The rubber joint is by far the most popular joint

Chinook Mechanical Universal 2-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS Chinook’s two-bolt mast bases are two separate pieces, and include Chinook’s Quick Release Base Plate. This system makes it easy

Chinook Windsurfing Aluminum Mast Extension SDM

DETAILS Chinook continues to lead in quality components, with superior hardware and innovative products. Take this Aluminum Mast Extension for

Chinook Tendon 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS The Chinook Tendon 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Base blends efficiency and durability. The tendon provides a positive, direct transfer or

Goya Base Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS The Goya Base is a one size fits all system using a urethane tendon. It screws into any standard fin-box

Chinook Tendon Upper Joint Euro Pin Windsurfing Mast Base

If you already have the 2-Bolt Quick Release Plate (see below) and are just looking for the upper joint, this is

Chinook Rubber 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS It’s back! The rubber joint is by far the most popular joint available, and it is perfect for a

Chinook Mechanical Universal 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS Chinook’s one-bolt windsurfing mast bases are a single piece of hardware that twists and tightens down onto your mast

Chinook Two-Bolt Tendon Upper US Windsurfing Mast Base

DETAILS 2-Bolt Quick Release “Upper” Mast Base Universal US Base Cup. – Upper part only for Two-Bolt “Quick Release” Tendon

North Shox Upgrade Kit for Power XT 2.0 SDM

$100.00 $69.95
From now on all POWER.XT 2.0 can be upgraded with the unique NorthSails SHOX suspension system. SHOX, the first integrated

Chinook 5/32 Downhaul Line”

DESCRIPTION This is the standard-sized 5/32″ (4mm) Chinook downhaul line, used in all Chinook extensions. Accept no imitations! ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Duotone iBase 2.0 Plate Only Windsurfing Base

DETAILS This plate is the bottom half of the Duotone iBase 2.0. It’s often purchased as a backup, or for