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Duotone Silver Series Aluminum Windsurfing Boom 2024


Carbon-like stiffness, aluminum boom pricing. Made from the same 7075 high-tech aluminum bonded technology from the cycling industry for unrivaled stiffness. Sizes 160 and smaller ship for $49 in the mainland U.S.

Duotone Power XT 2.0 Windsurf Mast Extension 2023

This is it! A loop-n-go downhaul. No tools. No sitting down. No muscling. Best of all, tuning on the water. Our best selling extension, and for good reason.

Duotone Power XT 2.0 SLS Carbon Windsurfing Extension 2023

Downhauling made easy. No rigging tools. No torn hamstrings. Click click. And best of all, tune your downhaul on the water.

Duotone Silver Series Boom 2023

The lightest and most advanced aluminum boom in its class. Oval tail section increases stiffness by 30%. Duotone's iFront End 2.0 fits any mast diameter, and efficiently transfers power from rig to rider. Sizes 160 and smaller ship for $49.

Duotone Platinum Series AERO 3.0 Boom

The lightest boom in the world. The ultimate choice in technology, weight and quality manufacturing. Sensational stiffness, ultra-direct feel, and unrivaled weight savings. 

Duotone Platinum Series SLS Boom 2023

The most used boom among PWA competitors, even those who are not Duotone riders. Stiff, lightweight, and exceptionally strong. A favorite at Big Winds, and far beyond!

Duotone Adapter Strap for Base Plate

Makes inflatable SUP boards without a windsurf-option compatible with the iRig. The majority of all SUP boards and Windsurf boards

Ion Mast Base Protector

Minimize the impact of your foot slipping against the mast.

Duotone Boom Protector 2023

Padded, closed boom protector to protect the board nose, especially in the event of wipe-outs.