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Naish S26 Jet Foil Complete SUP/Wing Foil

To make the S26 complete foil Naish’s best yet, each component has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on making them ultra-lightweight and strong. 2000/75 and 2450/75 Foil Complete in stock now! *Foil sets include the Alloy 75 Mast - Call to upgrade to a carbon 75 or 85 mast. Carbon 75 Mast - Add $1029 Carbon  85 Mast - Add $1079


DETAILS JET 1050 + 1250 – SURF + WAKE Naish Jet foils feature a medium aspect ratio delta wing planform

Takuma TK Carbon Wing and SUP Foil Board 2021

New for 2021. Bomber and responsive brushed carbon build. Plus Takuma's gravity deck, a scooped out standing area to improve pumping, foil trim and riding comfort.

Naish Hover Wing Foil Carbon Ultra Wing Foil Board S26

This new range of boards is perfectly suited for wing surfing, or to be used as a SUP foil board, SUP downwind foil board or prone foil surf.

Takuma Kujira Aluminum Foil Complete

Takuma introduces the new Kujira foil The name Kujira is Japanese for whale. Takuma has some japanese roots, not only

Naish Hover Wing and SUP Carbon Ultra S25 Foil Board

Our most coveted wing and SUP foil board line. Tough to keep in stock. Extremely lightweight, well balanced, and exciting performance across all rider abilities and sizes.

Takuma Concept Profoil Alloy Complete

The new 2021 Takuma LOL Profoil Alloy now comes with a redesigned 75cm mast with wider cord (stiffer) and a redesigned fuselage that has a built in angle of attack to enhance lift and acceleration.  The 75cm or 85cm mast kit comes complete with a suitcase and breaks down small for travel.  Offered with the super surfy FW1300/BW270 (surf/wing), the ever versatile FW1600/BW300  (wing/SUP) or the ultra efficient FW1900/BW300 (light wind wing/SUP).


Designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance levels in surf, SUP, Wing-surfer and downwind foiling. These