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Prolimit Philips Head #3 Screwdriver

Heavy duty Philips head size 3 screwdriver to mount your windsurf pb/tuttlbox fins, tighten your kite board bindings, fasten your twin tips fins and more.Probably your most valuable tool you will ever need.

Duotone Basic Roofrack Pad 20″

20″ – Thickly padded roof rack fittings with Velcro fastenings, suitable for round and angular supports.

Armstrong V-Strap Front Footstrap 2024


Ride ambidextrously.

Armstrong's V-strap front footstrap design offers riders the slickest and most comfortable option for winging or kite foiling. Crafted from the same pressed memory foam as our popular straight footstrap, this arrangement allows for ultra smooth front foot changes when tacking and gybing. The V-strap is easily compressed under the chest when paddling out and provides multiple placement and sizing options thanks to several screw holes at each corner. We recommend firmly screwing down the washers in order to fully compress the foam webbing for maximum strength and material longevity.   - On Wing FG or older Armstrong wing and surf boards, use the 27mm self-tapping screws and titanium hex washers - On the WKT board, use the WKT-specific 19.5mm titanium plated countersunk head screws and titanium hex washers.

ProLimit Predator Full Padded Front Zip Impact Vest

Full armadillo armour padded for various watersport activities. Great protection for impact. Ykk frontzipper and easy entry.

FCS Surf Wax

Designed for ultimate tackiness and high-quality bead building for the best grip in all water temperatures.

Ion Storm Coat

The Storm Coat is your mobile changing robe and comfortable coat in one. It shelters you against rain and storm

Ion Hat Water Cap Beach Hat

There's more to this hat than just shade and a wind-sport ready chin strap. The neck flap can be rolled up, and tucked into an interior pocket.