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Duotone Spirit Carve 700 Kite Foil 2021

The Spirit Carve is the perfect flatwater freeride carving set up, but also designed for riders looking to take their foiling into the waves - fast manoeuvrable and with incredible glide.

Duotone Spirit Carve 950 Kite Foil 2021

Smooth carving and easy manoeuvrability, that’s the Spirit Carve.

Duotone Spirit Surf 1250/75 Kite/Wing/Surf Foil 2021

At home in waves or strapless freeriding, focussing on joy and stability. Pure surfing with or even without a kite.

Duotone Spirit Surf 1500/75 Kite/Wing/Surf Foil 2021

If you're looking for an incredibly versatile foil for the waves, this is it, prone surf foil, wing foil and kite foil this one rules them all.

MFC Hydros 1000 Kite Foil 2021

The FW1000 was designed for kite foiling and it is extremely good for WingFoiling. Perfect for surfing waves and for

MFC Hydros 1250 Kite/Surf Foil

The FW1250 generates a lot of gradual lift while maintaining good control for beginner riders or riders over 180lbs or

Slingshot Phantasm Kite 633 Foil Package 2021

Package Includes: PFH 633 Front Wing, PS 400 Stabilizer, 710 Fuselage, 92 Mast, Neoprene Wing Covers, Carrying Case The Phantasm


  After two years of meticulous and extensive research and development, we are proud to introduce the ALL NEW Phantasm