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2022 Duotone Rebel SLS Kite

The all-new Rebel SLS for 2022 gets the Stronger Lighter Superior treatment to create the best big air and high performance freeride kite we have ever made.

2022 Duotone Evo Kite

New arrivals! Available in 5, 9, 10 and 12 meter sizes.

2022 Duotone Dice SLS Kite

Looking for the best freestyle, kite loop kite in the business, the Dice is where it is at, perfect control at all times no matter if you are going huge, looping it or stomping tricks.

2022 Duotone Neo SLS Kiteboarding Kite

The world’s best wave and strapless freestyle kite, even better with the Strong Light Superior construction featuring Penta TX. Accept no substitutes and get your ticket to get barreled.

2021 Duotone Juice Kiteboarding Kite



The ultimate weapon against those no wind days, the Juice is light and powerful, suitable for foiling or riding twin tips in the lightest of breezes.