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2021 Ride Engine Unity Harness Connection System

CONNECTION OPTIONS Direct Connection – Comprised of two revolutionary pieces—the Unity Spreader Bar and the Unity Ladder-Lock Straps—the Unity Connection


Unity Rope conversion kit During the early underground-days of the kitesurfing movement, riders were looking for more freedom in movement to

Ride Engine Day Strike Twin Tip Bag

DESCRIPTION Designed to fit kiteboards or wakeboards up to 148cm long. This Ride Engine small board sleeve features a full-length

Ride Engine Day Strike Foil Board Bag

DESCRIPTION No one will argue that fully built hydrofoil surfboards aren’t awkward and cumbersome. The Ride Engine Day Strike Foil

2020 Ride Engine Prime Shell Water Windsurfing Harness

DESCRIPTION Everyone wants a harness to stay down where it’s supposed to while at the same time provide all day

Ride Engine APOC 5/4/3 Hooded Full Wetsuit 2020

DESCRIPTION Our warmest suit, designed for foul weather, cold water and conditions when having gear you can trust is critical.

2020 Ride Engine Manta 84cm Foil Wing

DESCRIPTION SUP | SURF | WINDSURF Designed for SUP foiling, the Manta 84 wing has the surface area and lift needed