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2020 Duotone Juice Kiteboarding Kite

FREERIDE. LIGHT WIND. FOIL The ultimate weapon against those no wind days, the Juice is now even lighter and more

Duotone Rebel Kiteboarding Kite 2021

The Rebel is a kite that has defined a generation of riders; it’s the best freeride kite on the market

2020 Duotone Vegas Kiteboarding Kite

FREESTYLE / WAKESTYLE Sizes – 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14,5 The ultimate C-Kite on the market

Duotone Evo SLS Kiteboarding Kite 2021

Description Meet the Evo SLS, a kite for the experienced, ambitious and enthusiastic kiter, who will be surprised by its

2020 Duotone Mono Kiteboarding Kite

DETAILS The best one-strut all-round kite on the market, marrying incredible handling with an easy to use, forgiving nature! FREERIDE/FOIL

Duotone Evo Kiteboarding Kite 2020/21

The Evo has been in the Duotone line up for many years now, and in the constant search for improvement,

2020 Duotone Dice Kiteboarding Kite

FREESTYLE / WAVE Sizes – 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 Freestyle, waves and big air, the

Duotone Neo Kiteboarding Kite 2020/21

DETAILS WAVE/FREESTYLE STRAPLESS SIZES 03  04  05  06  07  08  09  10  11  12 The ultimate wave-riding machine in the line up has won more world wave and strapless freestyle

2020 Duotone Rebel Kiteboarding Kite

DESCRIPTION The Rebel has been part of Duotone’s history, and it is very much part of our future. The five-strut

Duotone Platinum Aero 2.0 Series Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS You know you want it. The Duotone Platinum Aero 2.0 is the lightest boom in the world and the

Super Hero M. Plus Windsurf Sail 2021

The lightest, most Gucci, spare-no-expense sail we carry. 20% lighter than the already lightweight Super Hero, thanks to membrane construction

Duotone Platinum 100% Carbon Windsurfing Boom

DETAILS The super-lightweight carbon PLATINUM in AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY is designed for experienced and performance-oriented riders with its ultra-stiff monocoque


$1,599.95 $1,300.00
2020/21 Duotone Neo 11m A+ condition, never taken out of the wrapper Consignment kites ship for $30 anywhere in the

Duotone Spirit Surf 75cm Kite Foil

$1,299.95 $1,099.95

Duotone Spirit Carve Kite Foil

$1,199.95 $1,099.95
DESCRIPTION   CARVE / FREERIDE   Smooth carving and easy maneuverability, that’s the Spirit Carve. FEATURES DUOTONE SPIRIT CARVE •

Duotone Spirit GT Kite Foil

$1,199.95 $1,099.95
SPIRIT GT HIGH PERFORMANCE / FREERIDE   The need for speed with total control, continuously pushing the limit and still

Duotone Wam SLS Kite Surfboard 2021

ALL-ROUNDER, SMALL TO MEDIUM WAVES The last word in performance, the Wam SLS is designed to excel in every wave

Duotone Whip SLS Kite Surfboard 2021

SMALL TO MEDIUM WAVES/STRAPLESS FREESTYLE Incredible performance packed into a small shape with our premium SLS construction that is perfect

2020 Duotone Select Textreme Twin Tip Kiteboard

DESCRIPTION PERFORMANCE FREERIDE What happens when you take the ultimate freeride twin tip and give it the Textreme tune up?

2020 Duotone PRO WHIP Strapless Kite Surfboard

DESCRIPTION SMALL TO MEDIUM WAVES / STRAPLESS FREESTYLE SIZES – 4’11”, 5’1″, 5’3″, 5’5″ Modern high-performance compact shape, aimed at performing in small to

Duotone Pace Kite Foil Board 2020/21

DETAILS The R&D Team in combination with our dedicated foil team completely redesigned the Pace range for 2020 with 4

CONSIGNMENT 2020/21 Duotone Neo 8m Kiteboarding Kite

$1,379.95 $999.00
2020/21 Duotone Neo 8m A condition  

Duotone Spirit Freeride Kite Foil

DESCRIPTION   DUOTONE SPIRIT FREERIDE KITEBOARD FOIL   Easy accessible all around foil and the ideal tool to quickly improve

Duotone Whip Strapless Kiteboard 2020/21

DESCRIPTION SMALL TO MEDIUM WAVES / STRAPLESS FREESTYLE SIZES – 5’0″, 5’2″, 5’4″ Modern high-performance compact shape, aimed at performing in small to

Duotone Wam Kite Surfboard 2020/21

DESCRIPTION STRAPLESS PURE SURF Sizes:  5’6”  |   5’8”  |  5’10” The Wam in classic construction has also been completely re-designed

Duotone Super Hero HD Windsurf Sail 2021

The Super Hero HD features everything you’ll find in the standard Super Hero, but in a bomber, no-monofilm-window build. It

Duotone Unit Foil Wing

A lightweight and simple wing that packs down small, making it perfect for riders who travel and value a straightforward,

Duotone Windsurfing Boom EPX. Carbon

DETAILS   Who says carbon booms aren’t affordable? With the EPX.CARBON we make exclusivity affordable for everyone because it is

Duotone Super Hero Windsurf Sail 2021

The easy handling of a 3-batten wave sail. The stability of a 5-batten one. Our only struggle with this sail is getting our Big Winds' staff off of it to ride other sails we carry.

Duotone Echo Foil Wing 2020

One of our most popular wings, thanks to a rigid boom which creates a stiff profile to improve handling and range. Also favored by windsurfers already accustomed to booms.