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Armstrong Footstrap

Made to be as light as possible AND super comfy – with our new pressed memory foam, they come with

Armstrong A-Wing Ultimate Waist Leash

DESCRIPTION The Armstrong Ultimate Wing Waist Leash is a great accessory for any brand inflatable wing on the water.  This leash

Armstrong FG SUP Foil Board

From our new and innovative “Forward Geometry” Wing Surf and Wing Sup board designs, highlight the drive and passion we

Armstrong Carbon Foil Mast 72cm

Our V2 fully tapered one piece masts are ultra solid at the top and slick through the water down below.

Armstrong HS1850 Front Wing

Our new A+System is taking strength and durability into the future! See this link for full details. THE SUPER SLEEK

Armstrong Wing/Sup Board Bag

PROTECT YOUR WING SUP. Quality materials with non corrosive zip  padding and external storage pocket.

Armstrong Foil HA925 Front Wing

Performance, speed and glide have been taken to the next level with the High Aspect 925 Front Wing.    At

Armstrong Foil Fuselage 70cm

Packages Include Fuelage Pro Shim Kit Foil Screw Set