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    Curbside pickup? Family member shipping? Inflatable boards that inflate with one pump? Yes. Yes. Yes. This Saturday, our Locals' Appreciation...
Five boards. One epic weekend of board testing. Here are the 2019 free-wave models that rose to the top. Boards tested include the JP Freestyle Wav...
Amazing deals on new and used windsurfing boards - and a little comic relief.
Here are the questions we've heard the most after 31 years of offering windsurfing lessons in the Gorge. Is the sport hard to learn? Which lesson is best for me? What should I bring to my class? Get these answers (and more) in this lesson FAQ.
A quick guide to finding the perfect mast for your sail, along with a mast chart that makes life easy.
Here's are quick, easy answers to help make sense of skinny and standard mast options, and why getting the right one is vital to squeezing the most fun out of each and every session.
Is wind foiling a fad? Is it dangerous? Will any board or sail do? What's the difference between wind foil masts, wings and fuselages? Get answers from Big Winds' Eddy Patricelli. When he wasn't foiling last summer, he was answering questions about foiling. Lots of 'em. Here are the 12 that he heard the most, along with answers (and videos) to get everyone riding high.
Goya has released the Bolt, a free race board that boasts - among other things - lots of speed. How much? We hit the water, hit record and offer a full write up here.
It looks like a kite. It inflates in seconds. It's 70% lighter than most windsurfing rigs. So how does the Arrows iRig perform? Matt offers answers.

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