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SIC's enormously popular Bullet V2 set such a high bar among downwind boards, the arrival of the Bayonet comes with loads of anticipation. Billed as the step-up board for V2 users, the Bayonet smacks of an ambitious offering. So we handed it to Joel Yang, a Gorge-based downwind SUP guide, with simple mandate: ride it. He did, logging over 40 miles of downwinding. Here's his take.
What's safe? What's legal? And what PFD is best for you? From life jackets, to life belts and beyond, TJ pulls some air canister tabs in this video to reveal your ultimate flotation device for SUPing.
Google “beginner paddle boards” and thousands of round-nose SUPs appear. Yet here at Big Winds, we rarely recommend them to newcomers. Here's our take on which first SUP offers the most bang for your buck.
Two big brands. Two highly anticipated models. Both the Starboard All Star 14' X 25" and the SIC FX 14' X 25" boast downwind AND flat water performance. TJ and Steve put them head to head with a GPS.
The water is cold, but the air is warm. What to wear? Pro paddler Dan Gavere offers his take on layering, avoiding traditional wetsuits, and dressing safe no matter the weather.
Six boards. Eight miles of downwind gliding. Here are the models that rose to the top. The test fleet included the Imagine Connector, SIC V2, SIC FX, Starboard All Star, and Naish Glide.
So how fast is the 2016 Starboard All Star​ compared to last year’s model? TJ and Matt share the surprising answer, which included use of a Velocitek Makai GPS system.​

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