Inside Big Winds

What to do when you rig a windsurfing sail to its specs, and it still looks wrong? Here's help.
The Goya Fringe is not a jack of all trades master of none. Here’s video proof that includes epic Baja footage, as well as insight from Goya sail designer Jason Diffin. It's time to rig small, pack less and drop wind minimums. One sail to rule them all!
Board: Fanatic ProWave LTD 8'9" Width: 30.5" Volume: 120 L Weight: 17.5 lbs. Retail Price: $1,699  Tester: Eddy Patricelli, 175 lbs. Test Locati...
What Gives? Your favorite North products are now ... Duotone? Confused? So were we. That is, till a pair of paisanos (TJ & Eddy) stromboli-ed...

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