Summer Ain't Over Session

Summer Ain't Over Session

Say it with us: Summer lives on! And in just 100 seconds of Gorge action, the Big Winds' crew proves it. Follow Jason Watts, Eddy Patricelli, and Cole Russell kiting & WINDSURFING Mosier after work. Don't let the September sunset fool you. Summer stoke is flowing!

Jason's Gear:2019 Cabrinha Moto; 2018 Firewire Evo

Eddy's Gear: 2018 Starboard A.I.R. Freewave; 2019 Duotone Superhero - available now at 541 386 6086.

Cole's Gear: 2019 Duotone Neo, 2018 North Pro Whip CSC - call 541 386 6086.

Eddy Patricelli is a co-owner of Big Winds. He has been windsurfing (and teaching windsurfing) for decades. See his best video tip for getting your kids onboard here.

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