S-25 Naish Wingsurfer Review

S-25 Naish Wingsurfer Review


The new, generation 2, Naish S-25 Wingsurfer makes a significant step forward in the development of hand-held wings. The S-25 name harkens to Naish's 25 years of kite development and production. From what we can tell, absolutely all of that experience is on display in this latest design.

But, what are the major differences between the previous Naish D2 model and the new S-25 Wing? Do the new developments really translate into better performance? Who is the new wing for? What size do you need? Questions abound! Here, TJ breaks down the major similarities and differences, explores the new wing's characteristics, and finally, lets you know who this new version will suit best.

Video Transcript:

Okay I'm TJ coming to you from beautiful Hood River Oregon ready to present to you the new Naish S-25 wing surfer.

This is the generation 2 compared to the generation 1 - I want to go through some
similarities and some differences.

The biggest similarity, I would say, is what comes in the bag. You get the exact same bag, same pump, same leash. Just color changes there. As far as similarities in the canopy material, both generation 1 & 2 are being built with the high tensile Dacron and with the D2 nylon.

I would say the biggest difference is obvious - panels on the S-25, no panels on the gen 1.

For generation 2 they're calling this the S-25. Why because Nash has been developing
kites since 1996. So technically, the 2021 is season 25.

This is the 4.6 - a midsize in a range of sizes starting with the 2.8 and going up
bigger than a 7 meter. This is kind of the mid-size, which is going to
be our go to - I think - for winds like 15 to 25 miles an hour.

There's a complete
redesign in the leading edge. A much wider diameter and wider diameter center
strut. I think one of the bigger take aways also is the wedge that they put in between, opening up the canopy a little bit more. With the deeper draft it should offer a little bit better range.

It has the same one pump system, and same recommended 7 to 9 psi. The Sherlock valve system allows for that high pressure.

Some people have asked me, 'do windows really make a difference?'. Well yeah - they allow for better visibility. You can see through the canopy when you're riding and yes, they do come with a bit of a weight increase but not much. We're talking about a five pound canopy that's being flown in like 1 to 2 knots of wind right now - east wind and I'm holding on to it with nothing more than a couple fingers. So weight is pretty insignificant. These are still super lightweight at just under a pound heavier than the predecessor.

There's quite a significant difference in the profile of the wingtip. Generation one has a much much wider wingtip whereas the generation two comes down to a much more refined point. So hopefully a little bit better aerodynamics here and less catching the wingtip in the water when you're up on foil.

So who is the generation 2 going to suit? Well I think it's going to suit the wing foiler. Somebody who wants a high performance, lightweight wing.

I think we're going to see a lot of generation two wings coming our way and a lot of the designers have looked at what was manufactured back in 2019 and put all the best ideas together to create gen 2.

So this is the Naish Wing Surfer! S-25. Season 25 coming your way! These are available at Big Winds right now in almost every size other than the 7 plus meter. So come on by the shop! This [4.6] is our demo if you want to give it a go. We'll have multiple demos throughout the summer as well so check them out!

That's the S-25 from Naish - here at Big Winds today!


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