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PKS BT Threaded Big Boston Screw Valve Pump Adapter

This threaded big Boston valve (screw valve) pump adapter/nozzle fits on any standard kite pump hose. It works with several large Boston valves (screw valves) on the market today including Ozone (2011 and newer), and Naish, Crazyfly, and Airush (2015 and newer), and Switch kites. This adapter screws onto the top of the Boston valve for a more secure fit compared to the friction-fit adapters typically found on most pumps. This adapter was built to fit newer model heavy duty pump hoses (2016 and newer.)  The adapter does also fit older model pump hoses (prior to 2016) very tightly but does not lock in like standard OEM adapters.  The adapter can be used as is or may need to be modified by filing down the tiny nub near the ridge of the adapter where it connects to the hose. Please note, this is very similar to, but not the same as the Cabrinha adapter, Best 2008 adapter, or North 2014 and newer adapter.  It will probably not work with these three kite brands.

Foilite Titanium Track Nuts (Sold Individually)

These are Replacement Titanium Track Nuts for use on any hydrofoil that uses the M8 or M6 mounting hardware like Slingshot, Lift, and others.

Foilite Titanium Locking Universal M6/M8 Track Nut (Set of 4)

Foilite - Titanium Hydrofoil Track Lock Universal Track Nut - Set of 4 The Only Titanium Universal Track Nut! These track nuts lock into position with a set screw, setting them apart from other track nuts on the market.

Prolimit Philips Head #3 Screwdriver

Heavy duty Philips head size 3 screwdriver to mount your windsurf pb/tuttlbox fins, tighten your kite board bindings, fasten your twin tips fins and more.Probably your most valuable tool you will ever need.

Duotone Short Safety Kite Leash (SS06-SS24)

Original price was: $57.95.Current price is: $42.00.
A very handy spare in case a beach goblin acquired yours or maybe it was misplaced?

Foilite Titanium Hardware Sets 2024

These are Replacement M8 & M6 Titanium Track Nuts and M8mm/M6mm Mounting Screws for use on any hydrofoil that uses the M8 or M6 T-nut including Lift, Duotone, Takuma and others.

Foilite Titanium Torx Wing Multitool (T30/40)

Foilite Torx Wing Multi Tool – T30/T40 The first multi-tool conceived and designed to be caried with you in the

Slingshot Vent Screw Stainless

Made to fit most Cobra-made windsurf, SUP and wing boards. 3/8" - 16 screw with o-ring