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Black Project Tiger V2

SUP Race Fin For Flat Water Speed and Faster Buoy Turns The Tiger is a SUP racing fin designed for

Black Project Maliko V3

SUP Race Fin For Increased Maneuverability, Tracking & Stability, Ideal For Ocean Racing & Downwind The Maliko is a SUP

Black Project Ray V2

SUP Race Fin For Increased Tracking & Stability, Ideal For Choppy Water & Long Distances  The Ray is a SUP

Black Project LAVA 90% Carbon SUP Paddle Fixed Shaft

DETAILS ALL WATER SUP PADDLE – A lightweight & forgiving SUP Paddle built to excel in all conditions from flat water


  The SURGE Pro Wave SUP Paddle is for serious wave junkies who want more power, lighter weight and increased

Black Project Lava 3-Piece Paddle

DESCRIPTION The Lava SUP paddle blade is designed to correct poor alignment often associated with poor technique, fatigue and injury.

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