We were the first shop in the U.S. to get the 2016 Goya One models. We didn’t waste time riding the 78 and 85-liter boards all over the Columbia River Gorge. Here’s staffer Eddy Patricelli’s take on the One 78 and 85, and whether one of ’em should be your next high-wind board.


Goya One 78: 223 cm long, 53.3 cm wide; 14.0 lbs; 3.5 – 5.3 sails

Goya One 85: 226 cm long, 59 cm wide; 14.5 lbs; 4.0 – 5.5 sails


Scorecard: Planing 7, Speed 10, Comfort 8, Maneuverability 8, Overall Impression 9

What I Like About These Boards: Speed. See video above. Both the 78 and 85 One models just kept accelerating, with no loss of control. They rode smoothly through chop, inspired (and won) drag races, and opened big doors for boosting jumps and coasting through lulls. And while both models required downshifting for swell riding, they were slashy enough to keep me smiling in the jibes and on a swell face.


What I Didn’t Like About These Boards: They ride slightly small. The One 85, for example, felt more akin to an 80-liter board underfoot, especially when the wind died. Ultimately, both boards had me rigging slightly bigger sails than I would normally, and I felt rewarded for doing so.


I WOULD own these board because they’re great for the Gorge. While most 78 and 85-liter boards veer toward wave-sailing shapes (read: slow but agile) the Goya One prioritizes speed. They haven’t lost sight of the high-wind sailing most of us do. If there’s a catch, it’s that I’d purchase the 85 model to replace my 78. I’d get a 95 model to replace my 85 and so on. I experienced no penalty for riding these boards a size larger, and I believe these findings would hold true for any medium or heavyweight riders.


The Goya One 78 and 85 Models Best Suit: Bump-and-jump blasters that sail powered up, like to go fast, and who want a board that keeps pace, and keeps them in the driver’s seat.


Demo the Goya lineup from May through October at the Big Winds Demo Center, located in the Columbia River Gorge. The center is home to the nation’s largest and latest fleet of JP, Goya, Naish, Quatro, and Starboard boards. Up to $100 in demo fees go toward the purchase of a new board.


Eddy Patricelli was a former test editor for WindSurfing magazine and has been sailing the Gorge for 20 years. He weighs 180 pounds when he avoids pasta. See him fully plane with his son on board here.

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